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Ferment Your Vegetables Pickle Pipes Packer Giveaway
October 21, 2016 Fermenting, Tips & Techniques

A Review of Fermentation Tools

Fermenting is becoming a more popular food preservation method, and we are pleased to see this growth. Especially when you can use resources like Phickle, and Fermenting Your Vegetables to guide you on your way. Of course, as interest grows, the market fills with fun new gadgets and tools to help you perfect your home fermenting process.

The Fermenters Club put together an excellent video review of six fermenting gadgets and compared them to low tech “old school” methods for small-batch fermentation.  Check out this 4-part video series to see how the different tools stacked up: Pickle Pipes, Fermenta Cap, Sterilock, Ferment’n, Kraut Source, and Air Locks.

Video 1 – Introduction to Experiment and Review Criteria
Overview of the experiment parameters as well as the review criteria used to rate the different devices.

Video 2 – Introducing the Contestants and Device Setup
Review the contestants, assemble each device, and begin to rate them on the “pre-fermentation” criteria.

Video 3 – Performance During 30-day fermentation
Measuring the batches at three points during a 30 day fermentation: day 6, day 18, and day 30

Video 4 – Post Fermentation Performance
Review value, cleanup, and final flavor, and award the winners!


Spoiler alert…we are pleased to say that Pickle Pipes (by Mason Tops) rated very high in the testing by Fermenters Club.

In addition to the Pickle Pipes, here are a few of our other favorite tools and resources for fermentation.


  • Consider adding Ferment Your Vegetables to your library. Beyond Canning and Batch, also have helpful information about fermentation.

Tools:Ferment Your Vegetables Pickle Pipes Packer Giveaway

  • The Pickle Packer has been specifically designed for small-batch fermentation of sauerkraut and other veggies in both wide mouth and regular mouth mason jars.
  • Pickle Pebbles take the guess work out of your lacto ferments by ensuring your veggies stay below the surface of the brine thereby eliminating exposure to oxygen.
  • When we aren’t using Pickle Pipes, we like to pair our Air Locks and Rubber Stoppers, with reCap Widemouth Pour Caps.
  • Fermentation Kit – This kit features 4 Pickle Pebbles, 4 Pickle Pipes and a Pickle Packer. All you need to add is a case of Wide Mouth Quart Jars. It’s a great gift idea!

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