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Pressure Canner with Filled Jars and thext Pressure Canning Recipes

Pressure Canning Recipes

Updated – August 2023

If you’re preserving low acid foods – like meats and most vegetables, pressure canning is the only safe way to create a safe and shelf stable product.  Ball jars and their 2-piece lids are tested and approved containers and lids for use in pressure canning.

Pressure Canning Basics is a good place to start if you’re just getting into pressure canning or if you need a refresher. This post over on Living Homegrown and our post here will clear up any confusion about pressure cookers versus pressure canners.

During these colder months, having some soup that isn’t from a can or that needs to be thawed out is a real treat! It’s important to understand that not all soup recipes are safe for canning – even pressure canning.

Soup Recipes (that are safe for pressure canning)

  • Homemade Chicken Soup or Chicken Broth – While it’s pretty easy to freeze broth-based chicken soup, having all of your ingredients at room temperature is a real time saver.
  • This Rosemary White Bean Soup Starter is a real winner for your pantry and is incredibly simple!
  • If your garden blesses you with more tomatoes than you think you can handle, and your family loves Tomato Soup, the UW Extension sheds light on why you can’t just can your favorite tomato soup, and Food in Jars has an alternative!
  • This Beef Stew Recipe from Ball Fresh Preserving is also a winner – with this variety of veggies, it would be a great way to use up some of the fall garden items for a delicious chunky stew.


  • Stock is one of those secret ingredients that once you use it, you’ll always want to have it on hand! Not only is it (in our humble opinion) the best base for just about any soup, but it can be used as the fluid when making rice & couscous. It’s an incredibly economical way of getting MORE out of your meats and/or vegetables. With all of the gatherings and seemingly endless amount of food over the Holidays, it’s likely that you’d easily find yourself with some kind of meat along with plenty of vegetable scraps that would produce some lovely stock!Fillmore Containers Vegetable Stock
  • This Clarification on Chicken Broth and Chicken Stock (along with the recipe and canning instructions) is wonderful. I love the tip on using the pressure canner to speed the process of getting the most out of your chicken! Yes, I have a collection bin in my freezer for those vegetable remnants that weren’t pretty enough for the veggie platter or that I know I wouldn’t get to use on time. TIP: Don’t wait until things get droopy before you put them in the freezer. You will get more from your veggies if you’ve put them away before they’re out of their prime.
  • Marisa’s How to Can Turkey Stock is perfect for this time of the year! You may be shocked to know how many folks are just tired of the whole dealing with the turkey thing…if you know the cook well enough, do you think it would be weird to ask for the carcass? Perhaps with the promise of a quart of stock?  She also shares how to Pressure Can Ham Stock.
  • Interested in canning Beef Stock? The NCHFP has a useful post on the basics of selecting, preparing & canning Beef Stock as well as Chicken or Turkey Stock.
  • If you don’t have meat, but find yourself with vegetables to spare, it would be worth your time to make some Vegetable Stock. It offers up a lot of taste without the residual fats that are difficult to fully remove in the making of meat stock. It also is an excellent option to have on hand for those vegetarian guests!

Pressure Canning Meat

  • Pressure canning ground beef and/or taco meat is a time saver for any busy home and really helps free up freezer space.
  • For the hunters out there, pressure canning venison is a breeze, and this method can be used for beef, elk, pork, and lamb as well. Shelf stable cubed meat is a game changer for creating soups and other meals in very little time.
  • We often hear that the problem people have with canned chicken is keeping it on the shelves – because it’s that good and it becomes such a convenient staple for mealtime!
  • If you’re looking to pressure can beef or meats that are a little less ordinary, like rabbit, fish or other seafood, see NCHFP’s extensive list : Preparing & Canning Poultry, Red Meats and Seafood.


Fillmore Container carries All American pressure canners! See them HERE.

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    Just getting into pressure canning. High-heat lids will make me feel more confident in my results.


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    Such a great thing to have handy!

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    Beef stew is my favorite thing to pressure can. It tastes exactly like I’ve made it fresh and gets dinner on the table in 15 minutes or less..

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    I love canning soups and stocks in the pressure canner mostly, but I also can tuna in it. YUM!

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    These are some great ideas and resources to keep on hand.

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    I would love to try out your lids! I have a fruit preserves business and use the two piece lids. These look so nice.

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    I would try the turkey stock recipe. The stuff in grocery stores just doesn’t compare to home-made.

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    I’d really love to try the canning venison recipe. I love the camo lids for wild game. What a cool way to identify your canned goods easily.

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    I’d love to can any kind of soup. We are soup lovers. 🙂

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    Love pressure canning bone broths, soups, stews and more!

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    I’m getting a pressure canning set for Christmas and can’t wait to try out all these recipes!

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    I want to try the chicken soup (for those days I just don’t feel like cooking for me & little one!). We have tomato soup done for the season, but need more variety 🙂

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