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November 25, 2015 Cleaning, For the Home, News, Small Business Resources, What's New

Cleaning Products that are Truly Clean

Our customers create some fantastic cleaning products that are made with all natural ingredients that will truly clean your home. We hope you’ll think small this holiday shopping season and support one (or more) of these small businesses!

Cleaning Products Gift Guide



Nether Providence Soap CompanyLaundryButter

Started by a scientist (and a mom of 2 boys) with over a decade of experience working in academic research laboratories, now all her research goes into formulating safe natural products. The ingredients used in its products are processed as little as possible. The natural colorings come from clays, spices, teas and other natural herbal sources (flowers, leaves, roots). No artificial or synthetic colors are ever used.

Our Product PickEco-Friendly Laundry Butter contains no synthetic detergents, no phosphates, no colors and is scented with essential oils (also available unscented!). One 32 oz jar will wash up to 64 loads of laundry since all you need is one tablespoon. It’s safe to use in all washer types and safe for cloth diapers. It doubles as a household cleaning solution, and will cut through tough grease on your stove and soap scum in the bathtub and on shower doors, and use to spot clean pet stains from the carpet.


Tandi’s NaturalsTandiLaundry


Tandi’s Naturals was founded by Tandi and her husband John over 10 years ago when Tandi starting making soap for fun and for her friends. This once hobby turned into a full fledged business. Staying true to keeping her products all natural she eventually added other products such as laundry soap, dish soap and more.

Recently, the company was bought by Christina Maser and has become a natural extension for the Christina Maser line of candles, bath and body and pantry items.

Our Product PickConcentrated Laundry Soap will wash 41 regular or 82 HE loads of wash. Complete with a wooden scoop you can re-fill this jar with a bag of their laundry soap refill bags. This ultra-concentrated soap is made by powdering Lancaster tallow soap with earth friendly cleaning aids.


Sweet Grass FarmFarmHouseFurnitureWax

Sweet Grass Farm started in the kitchen, handstirring batches of creative and good-for-you products, we were dreaming of a business that could provide fragrant and gentle products at affordable prices. They use natural plant-derived ingredients and essential oils wherever possible.

Our Product Pick Furniture Wax made with the hardest of natural waxes, carnauba, is a concoction that nourishes your fine wood furniture and leaves it with a beautiful, protective sheen. Simply rub the furniture wax on your furniture, let it set for a minute, and buff it with a soft cloth.



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