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November 5, 2015 Candle, Bath & Body, For the Home, Gifting, News, Product, What's New

Candle, Bath & Body Gift Guide

Part three of our gift guide series highlights some of our favorite items for our candle, bath and body customers.

Candle, Bath & Body Gift Guide

Fillmore Gift Guide #3-Candle_01
  1. The Muth jars are beautiful replicas of the old fashioned square honey jars. Of course, you don’t have to fill them with honey, fill them with bath salts, or use it as a diffuser. The jars are available in 4 oz  8 oz & 16 oz sizes.
  2. The Frosted Tumbler is a perfect container for candles. The frosted glass offers an upscale, spa-type element to your candle, and it can be reused by the end user as a bud vase.
  3. Our Straight-Sided jar is one of our most popular jars for body creams and scrubs. The straight lines make it easy to get the body product out of the jar.
  4. Our TruScent Fragrance oil is a full strength made-for-soy fragrance oil. With more than 100 fragrances to choose from you are sure to find a scent for anyone on your list.
  5. Fancy Daisy Lids add a little fun to any candle. Available in lots of colors.
  6. The Round Sample Jar holds just 1.25 oz. Four of these jars fit nicely in silver gift boxes, perfect for a sampler set.
  7. Our line of Amber Boston Round glass containers are an excellent storage solution for extracts, oils, chemicals, medicines and other valuable liquids. These jars can easily be filled with our Mini Stainless Steel Funnel. The jars offer UV protection and the dropper cap is ideal for measuring out small amounts of liquids and pairs with our 1 oz bottles. We also have droppers for 2 oz and 4 oz bottles.
  8. The Original Star Mason Candle Topper is a locally crafted and is an attractive way to spruce up your mason jar candles and help them burn more completely and cleanly.
  9. Candle Tools are a perfect hostess gift that will keep candles burning their best.

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