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November 4, 2015 Canning, Fermenting, For the Home, News, Product, Storage, What's New

Jars for the Pantry – Gift Guide

We continue our gift guide series with some of our favorite big jars, perfect for the pantry.

Jars for the Pantry Gift Guide
Fillmore Gift Guide #4-Pantry_01

  1. Our Amber Growlers will protect the nuances of your crafted brew in our 1/2 gallon (64 oz) growlers. See our full line of growlers here.
  2. The Cracker Jar makes a great addition to the pantry for food & snack storage or a cookie jar, and looks pretty enough to sit on your counter. Available in a variety of sizes.
  3. The Montana Jar  is a great choice for displaying items at a special event, or simply as a cookie jar or storage jar for your pantry. Available in a variety of sizes.
  4. Our Heritage Hills Jars are a favorite of many! Perfect for the pantry, and they look great dressed up for the holidays too! Sorry! These have been discontinued.
  5. The Queenline Jars are our classic honey jars, but have many other uses. See the entire line here.
  6. French Square Jars are a nice alternative to a Mason jar. They have a pretty presentation and are pour friendly. We’ve filled them with infused vinegar, tea concentrate and more.
  7. Our Gallon Jars are great for bulk canning, fermenting, dry storage, cookies, candy and terrariums. Often used for pickles, pickled eggs, kombucha, too.
  8. Ball’s Half-Gallon Jar is also a great size for canning, fermenting, and more.
  9. Our Stout Bottles are an exciting alternative for BBQ Sauces, Fruit Syrups, Ketchup or pourable relishes. Many also use for specialty beverages, homemade creamers.

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