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September 14, 2015 For the Home, News, Product, Storage, Tasty DIY, What's New

Honey Jars

We think that these Honey Jars are simply delightful!

Our most recent additions to the Honey Jar Line:120_12_oz_Skep_Hive_Jar_58mm_Lug

Hive Jar

This attractively designed 12 oz Skep (Hive) Jar is the perfect container to showcase honey. The front and back of the jar provides a surface for labeling.

Muth Jar4_oz_Muth_Jar_with_Cork_Finish

Our 4 oz Muth Honey Jar is the newest addition to the Muth jar collection. A beautiful replica of the old fashioned square honey jars used by Charles Muth, one of the largest honey sellers in the 1800’s. Not only will your product look lovely, but once the honey is gone you’ll also enjoy the keepsake bottle! The Muth collection also features 8 oz & 16 oz sizes. Corks are sold separately.


Our entire honey jar collection includes Muth, Queenline, Honey Bear, Hive, and Hexagon jars.Honey Jar Collection

Honey Resources

If you are interested in learning more about honey – to give as wedding favors, to create a unique body scrub recipe for holiday giving, or even to become a bee keeper, we’ve got some helpful links to get you started:

The Honey Locator – If you need a source for your honey project, you’ll need to find a local honey source. The Honey Locator is a helpful resource to connect you with honey near you.

The Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping – If you want to start bee keeping as a hobby, or a business the Ultimate Guide to Bee Keeping will get you started.

The National Honey Board (NHB) – Is a huge resource for all things honey, from history, to benefits, to studies, to recipes. The National Honey Board is the ‘go-to’ resource for honey.

Honey Recipes – If you want to reduce your use of sugar, use honey – it’s a natural sweetener. Here’s some recipes and ideas on how to use honey in your cooking.

Skin Care Recipes – Honey is often used as a natural ingredient in a variety of bath & body products. If you’re making some handmade goods for gifting consider using one of these honey bath & body recipes. Our Elite 8 oz widemouth jars are perfect for bath and body products…they are easy to get the product in and out of the jar. We found these recipes to help you get started with your DIY bath & body products.

Honey Grapefruit Salt Scrub

Honey-Almond Scrub

Honey-Vanilla Body Scrub

Honey Lip Balm

Body Moisturizer with Honey

Packaging Honey – You’ll find inspiration for more ideas on packaging and presenting pure golden honey goodness for your special occasion, or for retail sales, on our Pinterest board.


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