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Fermenting with Phickle and ReCAPS

We first paired up with Phickle, our fermenting friend, when she shared an amazing Asparagus Pickle recipe on our blog.  Today, she is making Sunchoke Pickles and telling us how handy ReCAPs are for fermenting.

ReCAPs and fermenting, you ask? Well, ReCAPs have a hole intended for a bung and airlock and help cut down on some of those fermenting odors that may come with ferments…can you say, kraut?! This, among other things, is why ReCAPs are a great addition to your fermenting toolbox.

ReCAPs come in regular and wide mouth, and we are happily giving away one of each over on Phickle.

Read more about how to make Sunchoke Pickles, why Phickle recommends ReCAPs for just about any fermenting project, and a chance to win your own set of ReCAPs.

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