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April 16, 2014 Canning, Fruits, Jams & Preserves, Preserving Recipes, Recipes

Honey Sweetened Strawberry Thyme Jam from Preserving by the Pint

Preserving by the Pint Jam1Over the last several weeks, I’ve enjoyed reading through Marisa McClellan’s newest brain child – Preserving by the Pint and was anxious to try some of the recipes. I really wanted to wait for fresh strawberries to do this justice, but I still had several quarts of frozen berries and thought, “Why not? I can make more with fresh and compare!”Thyme

As I was mentally planning my morning, I realized that the thyme in my herb garden would not have any aromatic leaves yet! Off to Ken’s Gardens for Thyme. I came home with 3 varieties – Silver Thyme (I like the variegation), English Thyme (traditional) and Golden Lemon Thyme (also variegated, but with an added lemony hint).  I opted to use the English and the Golden Lemon for this recipe…oh, they smell so good!

On a side note, the jam making was to be a morning activity. I wanted to pot my Thyme and went to get a container. I got distracted for a few minutes checking my email and heard jingling in my garage. Turns out, a lovely German Shepherd had invited himself in for a visit. We don’t have a dog. And, so my jamming plans were put on hold.Dog

The short version: Carefully placed bits of 2 left-over cheeseburgers, 2 friendly Officers and about 2 hours later, he was reunited with his owner, I was all cleaned up and back to jamming.

Since I hadn’t made a sugar-free AND pectin-free jam before, I wanted to stay true to the recipe… other than the fact that I had more than one batch of berries. IngredientsStrawberryJamHere’s where I’d like to highlight the benefit of Marisa’s book including weights as well as volumes. I used my food scales to measure my berries and then did the math for the honey. It turned out that I had 1.5 times more berries. Since the recipe doesn’t call for pectin at all, it simply relies on the cooking down of the fruits & honey, I was not worried. Now, since I’ve seen Marisa whip through her pint–sized batches several times, I knew that I’d have to cook mine down a little longer with my larger volume.Water Bath

As expected, the result was deliciously savory and sweet!Preserving by the Pint Jam1

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