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PURPLE G70 CT Plastisol Lid with a 9mm Hole in Center

PURPLE G70 CT Plastisol Lid with a 9mm Hole in Center

We've taken our Purple Regular Mouth Canning Jar Cap and added a 3/8" (9mm) straw hole to accommodate most drinking straws. A simple, colorful way to dress up mason jars for beverages, or just a practical way to keep stuff out of your drink. Pair with your favorite beverage and find a comfy chair to relax. Made in the USA, finished by Lancaster County craftsmen.
size: 70-450

Item IDPack SizeQtyPrice
RC-G70-HOLE 9MM PURPLECase of 950

Discount Price Levels
Pack SizeMinimumMaximumPrice
Each 1 UNLIMITED $0.50
Case of 950 1 UNLIMITED $380.00

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