Hot Sauce Bottles - 5 oz Woozy
Hot Sauce Bottles - 5 oz Woozy
Hot Sauce Bottles - 5 oz Woozy G05-01C- 24mm CT (continuous thread) Finish Generally a hot sauce bottle, our 5 oz Glass Woozy is also good for dressing samples, marinades, syrups, vanilla, pepper sauces and more. The 24/414 Finish accepts snap-on orifice reducers if your hot sauce is of the inflamed trachea variety or if your product prefers to be shaken or drizzled as opposed to poured. Item ID G05-01C
size: 5 oz
lid size: 24 CT
height: 6.63 in
outside diameter: 1.75 in
circumference: 5.88 in
label panel height: 3.25 in
optimal quantity for shipping: 14 cases
cases per full pallet: 378 cases

Item IDPack SizeQtyPrice
G05-01CCase of 12

Discount Price Levels
Pack SizeMinimumMaximumPrice
Case of 12 1 209 $3.99
Case of 12 210 377 $3.79
Case of 12 378 1511 $3.41
Case of 12 1512 UNLIMITED $3.15

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