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The perfect Fall dessert to enjoy with your coffee, this almond sugar and coffee bean blend is sure to bring the pleasure and peace of an Autumn day. Added to the bergamot, milk and amaretto notes, you will enjoy this blend with additional spice of nutmeg, along crème de cocoa, and vanilla cream.
Refined, classic and timeless...a blend of exotic spices with delicate florals of Indian jasmine and orchid. MADE in the USA
A soft fruity melody of plum, citrus & peach alight a vanilla heart and a sandalwood, patchouli base. MADE in the USA
The lovely fragrance of the sweet and simple springtime apple blossoms. MADE in the USA
A holiday favorite...succulent apple peel swimming in a pool of savory spices. MADE in the USA
The sweetness of fresh Apricot blended with the delicate aroma of Chamomile to provide a refreshing, relaxing fragrance. MADE in the USA
The soothing freshness of a juicy avocado is blended into the invigorating essence of cilantro, finished off with a flourish of zesty lime. MADE in the USA
True comfort food...sweet banana notes highlighted with walnuts, pecans and baked vanilla. MADE in the USA
Berries & leaves of fragrant Bay blend beautifully with grated cinnamon, filled out with warm notes of balsam fir and sandalwood. MADE in the USA
Ripe and sweet...this luscious fragrance captures the essence of the juicy black cherry. MADE in the USA
Plump blackberry and cassis accent a soul of black tea & sage in a pool of vanilla cream. MADE in the USA
Take yourself back to Grandma's kitchen with the aroma of fresh-baked blueberry muffins. MADE in the USA
A toasty smooth creamy caramel delight! MADE in the USA
The Buttery Almond Cookie is a delicious blend of sugar, milk, and caramel, mixed with notes of lemon and mandarin, with a hint of vanilla cake and hazelnut . MADE in the USA
A rich coconut with fresh pineapple and a light orchid top note. Close your eyes and travel to the white sand beaches! MADE in the USA
Mmmmm...ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and baked vanilla infused with raisins and carrots. MADE in the USA
Cedar and Saffron. MADE in the USA
The strength of cedar and sandalwood, accented by mandarin and green fern. MADE in the USA
The strength of Cedar merged with soft French Vanilla. MADE in the USA
A beautiful tart mix of summery fruits. This blend of cantaloupe, spun sugar, orange zest, lime, watermelon and raspberry, will leave you wanting more of its fruity fun. With undertones of moss, dragonfruit, Madagascar vanilla and fruit musk, you’re sure to love this sweet favorite.
Just close your eyes and you'll be dragging your freshly cut tree behind you...woody notes with fir, balsam musk and a touch of eucalyptus. MADE in the USA
Perfectly aged, squeezed apples bathed in warm cinnamon aroma. MADE in the USA
A blast to the senses...akin to the red hot candies. MADE in the USA
Citronella fragrance oil is most often used for making outdoor candles to repel mosquitoes, but is also used in aromatherapy. The crisp, refreshing thyme is noticeable without being overpowering.
A rich citrus blend of bergamot, tangerine, and lemon over a velvety green sage heart. MADE in the USA
Fir balsam and sandalwood notes with a fresh blend of grapefruit and mandarin. MADE in the USA
Fresh spa serenity...sparkling top notes of mandarin & fresh melon with hints of jasmine in a warm tea base of Sandalwood and vanilla. MADE in the USA
From the small, reddish-brown flower bud of a tropical evergreen tree comes a fragrance that was important in the earliest spice trade. Strong of aroma, the spice is very recognizable as Christmas holiday fare. MADE in the USA
Cocoa...but not chocolate! This awakening scent is true to its powdery form. MADE in the USA
A sizzling blend of fruits, herbs and palm bark with bright splashes of lime. MADE in the USA
Creamy and sweet ...the scent of a freshly cracked coconut. MADE in the USA
Savor the aroma of this rich brew! MADE in the USA
This masculine ozonic fragrance combines notes of sandalwood and musk with oakmoss, lavender and jasmine. MADE in the USA
A sweet blend of tart cranberry and elderberry with citrus companions mandarin and clementine. MADE in the USA
A succulent blend of tart cranberry and mulberry, accented with luscious plum, and supported by an apricot, fig nectar. MADE in the USA
A flourish of nutmeg and cinnamon around white tea and a creamy vanilla base. MADE in the USA
Also Suitable for Soap/Lotion applications. MADE in the USA
A fine summer salad of crisp cucumbers and a hearty freshly picked melon. MADE in the USA
A refreshing green floral with a lively mixture of tulip, jasmine, field grass, osmanthus & white musk. MADE in the USA
Imagine fields of fresh sweet lavender...a smooth calming fragrance. MADE in the USA
Surprising flourishes of fruity apple add dimension and interest to fresh minty notes with a eucalyptus heart. MADE in the USA
A rich warm base of sandalwood, myrhh and frankincense with just a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove. MADE in the USA
A delicious blend of juicy pear with notes of rich lychee and honey. MADE in the USA
A perfectly balanced blend of french vanilla with top notes of white chocolate and a base of ultimately rich vanilla cream. MADE in the USA
Country road...take me home! Roll down your windows on a warm spring day as you drive past the farmer taking in his first cutting of green hay. Could also call this ""Green Meadows"" or ""Fairway"" for the golfers. MADE in the USA
Clean and invigorating with a fresh ozonic quality. The freshness is supported by a modern woody accord on a musk base. MADE in the USA
You want to get caught in this down pour! A fresh and earthy rain scent with just a hinting afternote of lavender. MADE in the USA
A sweet assortment of fig, juicy peach, and lemon blended beautifully with zesty ginger on a base of wild currant. MADE in the USA
Freshly grated ginger amid zesty green lime. MADE in the USA
Sizzling top notes of cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg blended with gooey rich molasses and brown sugar. MADE in the USA
Our fresh Grapefruit is surrounded by bergamot & lemon with a hint of lavender, sage & apple supported by evergreen, vanilla & cedar.
Our Green Apple TruScent fragrance boasts tart tops notes of lemon and berries sweetened by an apple melon and rounded out with a light musky vanilla almond.
A morning fresh, true coffee accented with crunchy nutty notes. MADE in the USA
Mmmm...an evening walk in the countryside past the honeysuckle vine cascading over the fence row. MADE in the USA
Our freshly bloomed hyacinth type opens on a lush, green top-note, followed by a burst of primrose, jasmine, carnation, hyacinth, lotus blossom and star anise, and finishes with a subtle earthen nuance.
Sharp cinnamon and smooth brown sugar are rolled into gooey a rich dough and drizzled with sweet white icing. MADE in the USA
A zesty lemon rind aroma rounded out with buttery yellow sponge cake, toasted coconut and buttercream frosting. Also suitable for Soap/Lotion applications. MADE in the USA
Rich cedar, sandalwood, and amber with light notes of evergreen and fresh cut grass. MADE in the USA
Dewey fresh Japanese Cherry Blossom petals enhanced with a bit of freesia. MADE in the USA
From the Old World to today, Jasmine maintains its unique aroma as a perfume prepared in a blossom. MADE in the USA
A tropical treat that is inspired by the famous Florida dessert. Zesty key lime juice is mixed with warm maple and vanilla notes with a crispy graham cracker base. Delicious!
Strong top notes of Lavender en Provence are softened by velvety sage and organic rosemary. Also suitable for Soap/Lotion applications. MADE in the USA
A rich masculine true fragrance of finely cured leather. MADE in the USA
This citrusy lavender blend features sparkling top-notes of orange, tangerine and lemon, with additional florals of plumeria, jasmine & cyclamen, with subtle notes of clove and vanilla. MADE in the USA
Our Thai Lemongrass base is enriched with a touch of spice and softened by notes of Asian lily. MADE in the USA
A true lilac scent that brings an old fashioned lilac hedge to mind. MADE in the USA

This lush blend of fruits (green apple, grapefruit, peach cassis & clementine) and florals (rose, chamomile and aloe heart) with a warm & musky base is sure to be a favorite. MADE in the USA



Fruity and sweet, this fragrance blends fresh mandarin and peach, with a touch of ripe apricot and cranberry to capture the essence of the preferred mixed drink on the warm beaches of Fort Lauderdale. . This fragrance is often called Sex on the Beach. MADE in the USA
A fruitful aroma for eliminating and neutralizing odors. The air is scrubbed of malodors by a tangy citrus blend, a natural essence of rosemary and sweetened by pineapple and sun ripened raspberry. Also suitable for Soap/Lotion applications. MADE in the USA
An exotic full-bodied blend of sweetness, warmth and spice. This sandalwood, patchouli, musk and amber base is refreshed with a light twist of tangerine, mango and clarey sage. MADE in the USA
A fragrant, finely balanced glass of grape, blackberry and currant. MADE in the USA
A warm blend of exotic wood & amber with a base of patchouli & musk. MADE in the USA
The deliciously distinctive sweet berry smell, a full aroma of ripe mulberries ready to be gathered. This fragrance is sure to please throughout the whole year. MADE in the USA
A most enticing earthy blend of patchouli, softened with juniper & vanilla and sweetened by a touch of rose geranium & lavender. MADE in the USA
An aroma that knows no seasonal bounds, our Nutmeg Ginger releases its "good to be home" appeal and has been a steadfast favorite. MADE in the USA
Our Oatmeal Raisin Cookie TruScent Fragrance Oil has a nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, apple & raisin center with edge notes of grapefruit on sweet base of almond, vanilla cake and hazelnut.
A burst of lemon sunshine prepares the air to be thoroughly cleansed with spicy blend of geranium, thyme, and rosemary essential oils; revealing a warm, woody base. This uniquely wonderful fragrance is great for eliminating household odors. MADE in the USA
Light, but rich creamy vanilla wrapped in the fresh juicy goodness of the Florida orange. MADE in the USA
Sweet orange enhanced by notes of coriander, nutmeg, saffron and allspice. MADE in the USA
The warm, musky, earthy essence of patchouli oil is captured in this rich fragrance. MADE in the USA
Lip Smacking good! Peaches, orange juice, apricot nectar and vanilla bean. MADE in the USA
The strength of peony in bloom blended with jasmine and white lily. MADE in the USA
Sweet pineapple and fresh green cilantro, with light notes of apple, grapefruit and lime. MADE in the USA
MADE in the USA This is a sweet floral fragrance inspired by the tropics. The fragrance mingles a top note of melon & juicy peach with a body of plumeria flowers, gardenia & jasmine. The base notes are sweet sandalwood and musk.
Fresh Baked pumpkin souffle warmed with spicey notes and the richness of caramelized sugar and a touch of toasted hazelnut. MADE in the USA
A lively and sweet blend of spices that give the mild pumpkin a boost and will be sure to perk up your senses. MADE in the USA
A complex fragrance of pineapple, jasmine & tiger lily flowing into juicy McIntosh and tart Granny Smith apples, finishing with vanilla beans. MADE in the USA
The spice of Sassafras bark and a creamy vanilla brings to mind that zippy & cool drink perfect on a hot summer day. Notes of lemon, grape, and berry add sparkling lightness. Also suitable for Gel/Soap/Lotion applications. MADE in the USA
Typical household odors; tobacco, pet, bathroom, and kitchen; are no match to this cleansing citrus melange. Sweet floral extracts cheer on this astringent blend of essential oils, yielding to a warm amber finish. A delightful way to eliminate and neutralize odors. MADE in the USA
Our Sandalwood is strengthened by patchouli and light musk, with higher notes of clove, rose, dill weed, cinnamon leaf and jasmine, topped with citrus.
A clean inviting fragrance with peony, water lily and lavender softness warmed by light wood tones. MADE in the USA
Smell the rainbow...A sweet burst of fun fragrance providing a spectrum of citrusy and sugary goodness. MADE in the USA