Wholesale Mason Jars - Regular Mouth
Wholesale Mason Jars - Regular Mouth
If you're looking to buy Mason Jars by the case or in bulk, no need to look further than Fillmore. Shop our wholesale prices (with no minimums) and compare. This 8 oz square jar shows well on the shelf and the embossed style matches that of G16-01C and G26-01C. With the large selection of both food grade and decorative lids we have available, these are favorites for showing off jams, preserves and various other condiments, but also candle containers, gifts in jars, bath & body products, favors and much more. These jars can be used in hot fill (with the standard plastisol or two piece lids) or water bath canning with Hi-Heat or two piece canning lids.
size: 8 oz
lid size: G70 CT
height: 3.63 in
outside diameter: 3.19 in
circumference: 9.81 in
label panel height: 1.5 in
optimal quantity for shipping: 10 cases
cases per full pallet: 345 cases

Item IDPack SizeQtyPrice
B08-03CCase of 12

Discount Price Levels
Pack SizeMinimumMaximumPrice
Case of 12 1 179 $7.04
Case of 12 180 344 $6.71
Case of 12 345 1379 $6.10
Case of 12 1380 UNLIMITED $5.49

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